Hi! I am Mia ✨

Hey Queenie, so happy to have you here!

I am Mia, the CEO & founder of BlushedDesignsCo. I started this business back in 2020, when I was actually still in high school.

The goal with BlushedDesigns has been and will always be to help spark a little more joy in peoples lives. Especially because I really struggled, growing up, with my mental health, and feeling lost pretty much all the time.

My goal is to provide even 5 seconds of happiness in someones day with my graphics, designs, happy products, and content. Because, everybody deserves to be genuinely happy and feel that warm joyful feeling.

I love all things pink and funky, I am a sucker for the pink and orange colour combo (I'm sure you could tell lol)!! I am in college part-time for Human Resource Management and I will be graduating soon! I have two cats, Angel and Tuxedo, my little babies whom I love so dearly (I am a crazy cat mom hehe). When I am not in my studio making groovy goodies, you can find me at the gym lifting some heavy weights!

I hope my page and creations spark a little bit of joy in your day!

& Please don't forget to be kind to yourself today <3

xx Mia